5 Reasons Honey Glazed Ham Never Went Away

Honey glazed ham is a classic dish many families have enjoyed for generations. The sweet glaze paired with the savory taste of ham works for just about any celebration—and that is why honey glazed ham remains a popular dinner in every household across the country. Here are five reasons honey glazed ham never went away.

Honey Glazed Ham Has a Tasty History

Where in the world did honey glazed ham come from? It couldn’t have fallen from the sky and onto the porch of every home nationwide. No, the creative mind behind this classic home staple is Harry J. Hoenselaar. He first created the recipe in Detroit, MI, where he selected the best bone-in hams and smothered them with a delicious secret glaze (don’t worry, we have an idea of what the glaze ingredients could be). Since 1957, every family has bought at least one honey ham.

Honey Glazed Ham Works for Any Celebration

Honey glazed ham works for any holiday, even when throwing a party just because you want some ham. Ham is the perfect centerpiece for any party, such as birthdays, holidays, and small get-togethers with friends and family. Honey glazed ham is a dish that brings everyone together and creates great memories. Have ham at your next gathering and see what we’re talking about.

There is More Than One Way To Cook Honey Glazed Ham

The interesting thing about honey ham is that there is more than one way to prepare it. For example, you can put a ham on the grill—a 10-pound ham would take 18 minutes per pound to cook, which would be just about 3 hours of cooking time.

Don’t have a grill? That’s fine! The other methods of cooking a honey glazed ham include cooking it in a pot, stove, oven, air fryer, or even over a fire. However, the best method will always be the oven to avoid drying out the meat.

Honey Glazed Ham Can Be Served Hot or Cold

The great thing about honey ham is that it can be served hot or cold, which could be why it hasn’t gone away. All that’s required after purchasing is to place it in the refrigerator to thaw out, and then it’s ready to serve.

The Glaze Ingredients Have Changed Over Time

Lastly, honey ham has never gone away because the glaze ingredients have changed over time. There are so many different sweet, syrupy glazes that balance out the saltiness of the meat and make it taste perfectly tangy.

There are so many reasons honey glazed ham never went away, and one is that you’ll never run out of glazes to try. Whether you’re a chef looking to whip a new glaze style or a store purchaser looking to sell ingredients for consumers to use in their recipes, you can find what you need from Honey Source. Our bulk honey for sale is just the thing for your honey ham recipe. Save more by buying honey straight from the hive to your store’s shelves.

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