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Consistent flavor and color profiles. Stringent quality assurance and food safety standards. Formulation assistance. GloryBee ensures your product will have the impact you are looking for.

At GloryBee, we do what we know, and what we know is honey.  If high-quality, sustainable, authentic honey with a flavor profile you can count on is important to you, choose GloryBee.  

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The Price of Bulk Honey

Like most agricultural products, bulk organic raw unfiltered honey is a commodity. Given this, the market pricing follows the economics of supply and demand – when there is ample supply, the price generally goes down; when there is a shortage in supply, the price goes up. There are many factors that can influence the supply and demand of bulk raw honey, including weather, trade laws, consumer trends, etc.

GloryBee’s Procurement Team are experts when it comes to understanding the supply and demand of the bulk organic honey market. They are consistently monitoring conditions within the market to ensure we stay ahead of supply and offer the best price possible.

As part of our value-added service, we offer competitive contract pricing as well as quarterly market reports to ensure you can make informed decisions.

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Available Formats

GloryBee honey is available for shipping year-round in a wide range of packaging, when and how you need it. If you are looking for bulk organic honey, it is available in sizes ranging from 5 pound jugs to 3100 pound totes (tankers available upon request). We partner with you to meet all of your bulk honey needs.

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