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Up Your Flavor Game With Honey

With honey, it’s about more than just adding sweetness to a recipe. There is a flavor complexity to our restaurant honey that you will not find with other sweeteners. The versatility of honey allows for chefs to make a variety of sweet and savory dishes.

Honey comes in strong all day as chefs add it to everything from drinks and desserts to appetizers and entrees.  

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Foodservice Statistics:

• Honey is found on 61% of menus and has the highest penetration on fine dining menus.

• Honey usage has grown in the non-alcoholic beverage category. It works as a natural superfood and functional ingredient in many trending, health-focused beverages such as matcha latte, kombucha, and functional juices.

• Honey is growing in the vintage cocktail space. It is used as both a sweetener and a counterbalance to vinegar or bitter liquors like shrubs, Campari, and fernet.

Chicken and honey pairings are growing through the introduction of southern classics, like chicken thighs, fried chicken sandwiches, and chicken & waffles.

Honey is recognized for its flavor versatility. Beyond the traditional honey mustard, honey can take on bold, spicy flavors like spicy honey, hot honey, and habanero.

Source: National Honey Board


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Honey: Not Just For Breakfast Anymore

Breakfast is the main time of day that people most prefer honey, but the preference for honey during other meals throughout the day is on the rise!


From drizzled on cheese and crostini, roasted with nuts, or mixed into dips and hummus; honey adds a complexity of flavor to any appetizer.


Adding honey to dressings and sauces invigorates salads and sandwiches. Chicken and hot honey sandwiches are especially popular with consumers right now.


As a sauce or glaze, honey pairs especially well with salmon and chicken to make the perfect sweet and savory combination.


Replace simple syrup with honey or honey syrup to add a fresh spin on your cocktail and mocktail menus. Our restaurant honey pairs great with all types of distilled spirits including gin, tequila, vodka and whiskey.


With unbeatable flavor and sweetness, honey can be counted as dessert all on its own, but when added to dessert recipes such as cheesecake, baklava, sponge cake, ice cream, and cookies, it takes your desserts to a whole new level.


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