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Sustainable Honey from the Beeginning

From the beginning, founders Dick and Pat Turanski built GloryBee with a passion for honey and the health of the honey bee. They believed that healthy food would be a sustainable business in the future—long before the “better-for-you” brands had shelf space in the marketplace.

With leadership now passed on to the second generation, GloryBee is still family-owned and operated with the same vision of a healthy world where bees and people thrive.

Why GloryBee?

Because we are forward-thinking ingredient experts, building an ethically sourced supply chain, committed to changing the world. What does this mean exactly?

Forward Thinking

We foster a dynamic and unique partnership with you.  Honey expertise and rich knowledge of the honey industry, allow us to help solve your most pressing needs. Our best-in-class Quality Assurance and R&D teams partner with you to act as your external champions.

As the world and environment changes, we continuously prepare for risks of all kinds. We have proactively built a resilient supply chain with a network of vetted ingredient suppliers across the globe to ensure you have your ingredients on time, no matter what.

Ethically Sourced

We have implemented rigorous standards with all our suppliers to guarantee sourcing integrity. All suppliers must report on their practices for Fair Labor and Human Rights, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability, Regulatory Compliance, and Business Integrity.

When it comes to honey, we are proud to be True Source Certified, ensuring purity, authenticity, and ethical sourcing. We have built personal relationships with our Honey Suppliers, ensuring we know everything about the honey from Hive to Table.

Changing the World

We are on a mission to Save the Bee! This initiative inspires positive change to ensure the global future for honey bees by increasing awareness, funding scientific research, and providing education to farmers, gardeners, and beekeepers.

We are also proud to be B Corp Certified, meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are people using business as a force for good!

Save the Bee

Save the Bee is inspiring positive change to ensure the future of honey bees.

We are increasing awareness of the critical role honey bees play in our food supply. One-third of our diet is derived from plants that require pollination, and in the US, honey bees are responsible for 80% of agricultural pollination! Without the services of honey bees, there would be no almonds or many of the other fruits and vegetables we take for granted.

The widespread loss of honey bees in the last decade has been linked to pervasive pesticide use, parasites, loss of foraging habitat, and poor nutrition. Save the Bee is funding scientific research on the causes of declining bee populations and on solutions to enhance colony health, as well as providing “best practices” education for beekeepers, farmers, and gardeners.

A honey bee pollinating purple flowers.

People Using Business as a Force for Good

GloryBee became a Certified B Corporation in 2016 because we believe that our business can be a force for good and inspire change for the better. Being a Certified B Corporation means that we meet the rigorous global standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. To us this is much more than just a stamp of approval. Maintaining our B Corp status challenges us to improve our business practices and decision making to continually consider how we are engaging and inspiring our employees and customers, mitigating our environmental impacts, and being a force for good in our community.

Sustainability: Balancing Purpose & Profit

GloryBee is committed to ensuring our business operates with purpose and makes a significant impact in our community and our industry. We take a long-range view and are guided by our values of faith, genuine relationships, healthy living, and stewardship. We prioritize people, bees, and the planet over profit.

The sun generates 11% of our power
55% of our products are Organic
100% of employees can receive health insurance
100% of employees receive 4 hours of paid volunteer time every year

Meet the GloryBee Team

Our mission is to provide high-quality, ethically sourced ingredients that nourish people and the planet. Our unique relationship with our customers is why we exist. This is what drives us and gives us purpose to continue the quest for a vision of a healthy world where bees and people thrive.

Alan standing in front of honey

Alan Turanski

President of GloryBee and Beekeeper

Mike Runion

Senior Director of Business Development

Julie Willoughby

Senior QA Supervisor

Ray Kernagis

Vice President of Supply Chain

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