Interesting Facts About 4 of the Rarest Honeys in the World

April 27, 2022by Leigh Zacrep

Believe it or not, honey comes in a huge variety of colors, flavors, and textures. From solitary islands housing the last of a rare species of flowers to natural circumstances that are too difficult to recreate, honey production methods are vast, and getting specific types can be a trial. Here are some interesting facts about 4 of the rarest honeys in the world.

Manuka Honey

If you’ve ever heard of “medical-grade” honey, its source is manuka honey. This honey is known to have high antibacterial properties. Specific sterilization methods are applied to make it safe to use on injuries, so this honey makes it difficult for dangerous organisms to build up wherever it is applied.

Rhododendron Honey

Also known as mad honey, rhododendron honey is a high-priced commodity of regions in China and Nepal. This is due to its high concentration of neurotoxins, which come from the pollen of wild rhododendron flowers. In addition to this unique quality, the bees that make this honey are also quite special, as they’re the largest of their kind in the world.

Pitcairn Honey

The most isolated honey in the world, Pitcairn honey originates from its namesake island. Here, the quality of all plant life is as pure as possible due to the complete lack of pollution on the island. With a population of under 100 people, there’s little to no contamination in the island’s honey production. The bees are also afforded the benefit of a large variety of flowers to collect pollen from, which adds a unique flavor to this delectable treat.

Kiawe Honey

Kiawe honey comes from Hawaii. It originates from the flowers of the kiawe tree, a rare species that originated in countries such as Colombia and Peru. This honey has the distinctive feature of being white and creamy in comparison to usual types of honey, with their dark amber coloration. Kiawe honey also has a smoother, subtler flavor profile that is uncommon among normal variations of honey.

Honey is a fascinating creation of nature that changes with the surroundings that the bees that create it live in. Hopefully, you have found yourself with a wellspring of interesting facts about 4 of the rarest honeys in the world and have perhaps developed a craving for some of them. Though they are rare, not all of them are too difficult to obtain. If you’re looking for bulk honey for sale, get your taste buds ready for an adventure with Honey Source.

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