Three Common Raw Honey Misconceptions Uncovered

September 8, 2021by Jennifer Touchette

Raw, unfiltered, and organic honey has become an increasingly popular ingredient and remedy product for a wide range of industries. With so many proven antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties present in this product, it’s no wonder that raw honey is so widely requested by consumers.

However, while raw honey is popular, it’s also largely misunderstood. Here are three common raw honey misconceptions uncovered.

Crystallized Honey Is Spoiled Honey

Unfortunately, many raw honey users believe in the common misconception that crystallized honey is spoiled honey. Contrary to this assumption, when syrup crystallizes, this process does not relate to spoilage.

Raw honey rather crystallizes due to the glucose and pollen ingredients inside its syrup. Since raw honey has high glucose levels, this glucose forms into sugar crystals faster than fructose syrups. In addition, raw honey crystallizes more quickly than processed honey because the added pollen inside this syrup clings to the glucose.

If you see your raw syrup crystalize, do not throw away this syrup. Instead, stir the syrup to help the crystal dissolve or enjoy a crunchy texture with your honey.

You Can Store Raw Honey Anywhere

Here’s another common raw honey misconception uncovered: you cannot store raw syrup in an ordinary environment. In fact, countless businesses have learned this lesson the hard way after keeping their honey shipments in high humidity areas.

The key to storing your syrup is to ensure that you seal your containers. When businesses owners fail to reseal their honey after use, containers left in humid environments are highly likely to spoil.

Don’t waste this product by storing it incorrectly. Instead, keep your syrup in a room temperature environment with a tightly sealed cap.

Raw Honey Is Dirty

Seeing raw, unfiltered honey for the first time is jarring. Compared to standard, processed honey, this syrup has visible pieces of pollen, bee saliva, and propolis. While some raw honey users may assume that raw honey with an avid amount of these pieces is lower-quality or dirtier than other brands, this assumption is false.

The more pieces of pollen, saliva, and propolis you see inside your raw honey, the more potent its health benefits are. These clumps contribute significantly to the antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral properties of raw honey.

We hope debunking some of these common raw honey misconceptions will help your business store, serve, and enjoy honey more productively.

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