3 Tips for Infusing Honey With Other Flavors

April 3, 2023by Leigh Zacrep

When you first had an infused drink or product, you were likely amazed at the concept. How could two flavors come together to create an entirely new tasting experience? That’s the beauty of infusion, as it combines two or more flavors that help bring out subtleties in each individual flavor profile. The best part is that infusion is quite easy, especially when you start with honey. Before you begin, you’ll want to know these tips for infusing honey with other flavors.

Taste the Honey First

This may not be an aspect of the process you think to do, but it’s such a good idea. That’s because honey can range quite a lot in flavor depending on the flowers in the region where it was harvested. All you have to do is grab a teaspoon of honey and taste it. Try to notice any notes you get, as this will help you ascertain what you’d like to infuse the honey with. For example, you might get citrus notes that prompt you to infuse it with dried orange peels.

Patience Is Key

When you infuse water with cucumbers, you can notice the taste almost instantaneously. That’s because water is quite fluid, allowing any flavor add-ons to infuse quite quickly. However, that is not the same for honey, as it’s quite viscous and requires a great deal of patience.

One of the best tips for infusing honey with other flavors is to remember that it will take some time to taste the difference. The best time to wait should be about a month or longer if you want the flavor of your infusion to be stronger.

Work With Mild Varieties

There are many different types of honey you can work with. However, it’s best to work with milder varieties that have subtler flavor profiles. Darker, amber honey has a strong and intense flavor that can make it difficult to infuse or notice any changes in taste.

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