3 Top Reasons Why Bees Are Important to Our Environment

April 20, 2022by Jennifer Touchette

Think about the last time you bit into a juicy apple. The crisp texture and refreshing sweetness result from its natural growth process. But one of the key factors in that process was the group of workers moving pollen across a vast network of trees to allow the setting of that fruit during its growing season. To help clarify their importance, learn the three top reasons why bees are important to our environment.

Promote Biodiversity

Biodiversity describes the different types of life, both plant and animal, within an environment. This is an essential concept for the survival of all life within an ecosystem. Bees are major factors in promoting biodiversity. By undertaking pollination, which transfers pollen to different flowers, they help fruits, vegetables, and other vegetation propagate and survive. Without bees, pollination numbers would drop dramatically.

Necessary for Crop Growth

A majority of any grown crop requires pollination to thrive. Many trees and plants that produce the food you eat are crucial to our species’ survival. Bees contribute greatly to spreading the genes of plants. If bees aren’t part of a plant’s life cycle, it can negatively impact that plant and any animal that relies on the plant for food.

The Largest Honey Producer

Though bees aren’t the only insect to produce honey, they are the most efficient at it, and they can generate relatively large quantities at a time. Bees are crucial to honey producers that employ many workers at different stages of production. People rely on bees as much as bees rely on us for care and maintaining their environment. Without bees, we’d live in a world with no sweet treats or honey in our tea.

Bees are nature’s small workers whose existence results in many of the culinary joys you taste daily. It’s an understatement to say humans and the world around us would struggle without them. Bees are a necessity, and caring for them ensures that everyone can continue enjoying their favorite products. By learning the three top reasons why bees are important to our environment, you can better understand why we need them to flourish. Consider buying bulk organic honey products from producers who support bee conservation to help out.

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