4 Best Ways To Store Pure Honey To Keep It Fresh

March 23, 2022by Leigh Zacrep

When you purchase bulk honey for your business, you want to get the most out of the investment. After all, the last thing any business-owner wants is to throw away unused food at the end of its shelf life. However, what many people don’t realize is that honey will not spoil if stored correctly. In this article, we’ll share the best ways to store pure honey to keep it fresh. To learn more, keep reading.

Use Airtight Packaging

Using airtight packing can help keep your honey liquid longer. Quality bulk honey suppliers will use airtight jars, pails, totes, or drums, but when businesses don’t use airtight packaging to store their honey, it can crystallize much more quickly due to oxygen and moisture exposure.

Keep Away from Heat and Sunlight

Many business-owners make the mistake of storing their bulk honey products near windows or in direct sunlight. Although honey may seem like a safe ingredient to absorb sunlight, it’s highly sensitive to heat and light. When it’s stored in sunlight or even near heated appliances, it can impact the taste and consistency. Instead, keep your honey products in a dry, and relatively dark location.

Store at the Right Temperature

The most crucial factor to consider when you’re storing honey is the temperature of your storage room.  To keep your syrup at the best quality, keep it in a room-temperature environment, which will be the perfect setting for your bulk investment to last decades.

If Your Honey Crystallizes…

Even if you keep your honey in perfect storage conditions, there’s still a high chance your syrup will eventually crystallize. However, crystallization is not the same as spoiling. When honey crystallizes, the glucose and fructose sugars in the syrup have simply bonded into larger grains. Therefore, crystallization does not affect the quality, taste, or safety of this ingredient. Simply gently warn and stir to break up the crystallized texture, and enjoy this delicious ingredient.

We hope our guide on the best ways to store pure honey to keep it fresh has been helpful. To learn more tips, tricks, and information about bulk honey, browse the Honey Source website for more details.

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