Helpful Tips for Baking With Raw Unfiltered Honey

March 23, 2022by Jennifer Touchette

Whether opening a new bakery or cooking your creations at home, honey is one of the most versatile and rewarding ingredients to include in recipes. Naturally sweet and packed with health benefits, this syrup is the perfect kick of flavor to add to pastries, desserts, and more.

However, baking with honey is not the same as baking with table sugar. Check out these helpful tips for baking with raw, unfiltered honey so that you can make your baked goods even more delicious.

Honey Is Sweeter Than Sugar

Bakers often mistakenly use the same amount of honey as sugar when they swap ingredients for bakery recipes. However, you should never use the same amount of honey as sugar when baking. Raw, unfiltered honey is naturally sweeter and more concentrated than table sugar. Therefore, using less of this syrup will produce the same amount of sweetness.

So, before you pour an entire jar of honey into your mixing bowl, remember that less is more than it comes to baking with honey.

Know Your Honey

Since there are countless different honey varieties, the type of honey in baking recipes will have a major impact on the final taste of your bakery items. If you’ve never cooked with different honey varieties before, it’s vital to learn more about the different types of honey and their flavors.

Once you better understand how different types of honey taste and affect a recipe, you can find a honey that better fits your flavor palate.

Minimize Your Liquids

The moisture of your baked goods is an essential element to pay attention to while baking. When you create a dessert or pastry based on a recipe, these recipes are meticulously calculated to ensure that your final dish will be perfect. Bakers who substitute sugar with honey often forget that this swap affects the moisture of a previously perfect recipe.

Since honey is more hydrating than table sugar, equalizing the other liquids in your recipe is essential. The general rule of thumb is to cut your other liquid measurements in half. As always, it’s best to testing your recipes in smaller batches before starting production. As the honey experts we can help offer support and recommendations based upon our over 40 years of honey experience to make this switch as easy as possible when baking with raw, unfiltered honey.

Following these helpful tips for baking with raw, unfiltered honey will ensure that you create the most delicious and satisfying baked goods for yourself or your business. To purchase bulk honey to fuel your new bakery creations, check out our Honey Source website for more information.

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