Baking With Honey: Chef-Recommended Restaurant Recipes

March 23, 2022by Jennifer Touchette

No restaurant is complete without a handful of deliciously sweet recipes on its menu. Customers love to satisfy their sweet tooth, whether it’s with a mouthwatering dessert or a sweet-and-savory meal. In this article, we’ll share some of the best tips for baking with honey and some chef-recommended restaurant recipes. To learn more, keep reading.

Honey Truffles

Why not make your honey recipe more decadent? If you’re searching for a small, straightforward recipe to shake up your restaurant dessert menu, honey truffles are perfect, unique dishes to feature. Combine raw organic honey with oats, coconut, or peanut butter to create the perfect ball of intensely sweet and satisfying flavors. Using just a few simple ingredients, honey truffles are easy to bake and worth including on your menu.

Honey Buns

Honey buns are some of the most classically sweet and delicious baked goods to include on a menu. This saccharine pastry is the perfect combination of light, bready filling; sweet honey; and creamy glazing. Consider including walnut, cinnamon sugar, or honey crystal toppings for an added crunch. Your customers will fall in love with this mouthwatering recipe, and this menu item is also simple to make to keep up with high demand.

Honey Ice Cream

If you want to include a unique dessert on your restaurant menu, consider swapping out classic chocolate or caramel drizzles with honey. With a perfect mixable texture both as a topping and frozen ingredient, honey will add sweetness to ice cream without overwhelming customers’ palates. We recommend investing in bulk organic honey for the best taste and texture. Organic honey will be more mixable, and it includes fewer added sweeteners.

Honey Granola Bars

It’s important to include items on your menu that are both sweet and health conscious. One of the best ways to satisfy your customers’ sweet tooth without compromising the nutrition of a recipe is to bake your own unique granola bars. Oats, granola, nuts, raisins, honey, and any other dry snack ingredients you wish to include will create the perfect snack bar. Customers enjoy honey granola bars because they’re both tasty and easy to take on the go.

Ready to start baking with honey so that you can try out these chef-recommended restaurant recipes? Browse the Honey Source website to learn more about how you can purchase quality honey for your business.

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