How Creamed Honey Is Different From Liquid Honey

August 9, 2022by Jennifer Touchette

The best thing about starting a day with honey is the ease it brings to the table when sweetening up your favorite foods and drinks. However, honey is a unique substance that can subtly change qualities depending on its source nectars. But the variation does not end with flavor or color. Creamed honey is another interesting thing to try. For the curious, it’s good to know how creamed honey differs from liquid honey.

More Easily Spreadable

Creamed honey consists of liquid honey that has gone through one of two processes to reach its creamy consistency. Whether through fermentation and pasteurization of the honey or the combination of finely granulated honey with liquid honey, the final result is a more spreadable product. Once it is at the preferred consistency, creamed honey is less prone to dripping. As a result, the entire process of applying it is made cleaner and more efficient.

Smaller Sugar Particles

In its rawest form, honey has large crystals that are delicious and full of nutrients. Certain methods require creamed honey to be pasteurized to avoid the fermentation process from affecting its flavor. Despite this, some methods avoid using pasteurization, making raw creamed honey possible and available. While the nutrients are the same as honey, the main difference lies in the size of the sugar crystals inside, which are smaller and finer.

More Expensive

While creamed honey is a wonderful creation that is light and tasty, the additional labor costs to produce it end up increasing its cost. Typically, a container of creamed honey is a few dollars higher than standard honey. The increase is relatively negligible for those who have a strong enough preference for its consistency. However, for those unwilling to pay the premium, there are still ways to make it at home.

Bulk honey suppliers with a diverse and flexible selection of honey products are likely to sell creamed honey. While it comes at a slightly higher cost, the easier and cleaner experience is bound to appeal to certain customers. Hopefully, by considering how creamed honey is different from liquid honey, more people become curious enough to try it out for themselves.

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