Unique Uses for Honey in Health and Beauty

August 19, 2022by Leigh Zacrep

Honey may have been used for its cosmetic properties since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Rulers like Cleopatra were known to bathe in milk and honey to keep their skin smooth and glowing. While most people are not going that far in their beauty routines, it is true that honey has a few health benefits to make use of. These are some of the unique uses for honey in health and beauty.

Soothe Aggravated Skin

Whether you have just experienced a sunburn, bad acne, or a rough shave, honey does an excellent job of soothing aggravated skin. The humectant properties of honey help bring moisture to the location of the application. As a result, skin regularly treated with honey like a moisturizer is likely to show improved results over time. It’s worth trying honey as a quick remedy for dry skin.

Help Treat Nausea

Lemon essential oils have been shown to potentially reduce nausea in the past. With that in mind, combining lemon and honey in a cup of tea has similar benefits when suffering from nausea. Whether you’re suffering after a night in the city or just aren’t feeling one hundred percent, it’s time to try pulling out the black tea. As a bonus, this combination is excellent at treating sore throats.

Hydrate Hair

Mixing some olive oil, honey, and eggs together creates the ultimate hair rejuvenation recipe. Leaving this mixture on your hair for about 20 to 30 minutes makes your scalp and hair softer and healthier. This simple combination is best used about once a week to keep your hair feeling soft and shiny.

There are several things that bulk honey can help with. From soothing damaged skin to acting as a makeshift remedy for common hindrances, it is a highly valuable product that is not to be underestimated. By trying out a few of these unique uses for honey in health and beauty, you are more likely to reap the benefits of this product from nature.

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