Latest Product to Enter Hot Honey Category is Made by a Beekeeper

June 30, 2022 – Eugene, OR – GloryBee Natural Foods, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, has introduced its latest honey innovation, Alan T’s Sweet Heat Honey. Created by its namesake, Alan Turanski, President and 2nd generation beekeeper at GloryBee, Alan T’s Sweet Heat blends a non-GMO polyfloral honey with chipotle and pepper extracts to achieve the perfect, approachable balance of sweetness with a lingering kick that almost sneaks up on your tastebuds

“Alan T’s is the brainchild of years of experimentation with honey,” said Turanski. “I first got the idea to flavor and innovate honey from my dad, Dick Turanski. In the mid-’80s, my dad began creating flavored honey sticks that featured mint and peppermint essences in the honey. It made me wonder, why not do something like that with heat? My habanero honey, introduced back in 2013 wasn’t refined enough, but this formulation is really subtle and great for all palates.”

Turanski harvested his first honey at the age of 10 in his yard in Eugene, OR. Since then, he has worked in the honey industry for 20 years in a variety of roles and has perfected his appreciation and devotion to bees. In 2012, Turanski and GloryBee established SAVE the BEE®, an initiative to increase awareness of the role honeybees play in our food system, fund scientific research on the causes of declining bee populations, and provide “best practices” education for farmers, gardeners, and beekeepers.

“I’m so excited to invite people to play with Alan T’s Sweet Heat and discover its balances of sweetness with some chipotle and other pepper essences that deliver a touch of smokiness and heat,” continued Turanski. “This honey is ideal for drizzling on baked or cooked items like biscuits, pizza, or fried chicken, but it’s also great mixing into sauces, hot and cold beverages, and more. Honestly – it’s good on everything and even better right out of the bottle.”

Alan T’s Sweet Heat is available in retail locations, online, or in bulk to add to any manufactured recipe. GloryBee’s non-GMO polyfloral honey is Non-GMO Project Verified and True Source Certified to ensure it is 100% pure and traceable.

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