The Top 3 Benefits of Raw Wildflower Honey

The complicated methods that go into creating honey allow for variation in its flavor and nutrition. As a result of those different ingredients, wildflower honey is one of the more peculiar versions of honey for those looking to get a few more benefits from it when compared to standard honey. These are some of the top three benefits of trying raw wildflower honey.

Richer Flavor

Bees make wildflower honey from exactly what you’d think—a collection of flowers local to the area provide the source of nectar for the bees. Though the flavor depends on the season and yield, wildflower honey is typically darker in color. The floral source offers a bolder flavor and tastes richer than lighter shades of honey. This is likely your best option if you prefer a stronger honey taste when pairing it with other foods.

Better for Inflammation

Raw wildflower honey has more antioxidants, unlike honey that has undergone filtering and pasteurization. This is because the honey has the original amount of pollen, bee propolis, and trace vitamins. Though the amounts are minuscule compared to a healthy daily serving, the antioxidants that remain make the honey ideal for treating certain types of inflammation in the body.

Helps Digestion

Along with being an option for anti-inflammatory needs, raw honey is beneficial for other issues the body sometimes experiences. Its anti-microbial characteristics soothe stomach issues that arise due to indigestion. The gut also benefits for the same reason, and raw honey promotes a healthier environment for it to operate ideally.

Honey is a beautiful and complex product of nature that continues to sweeten many foods and snacks people love. Several kinds of honey are worth giving a try. If you’re looking to provide bulk honey for sale, consider some of the top three benefits of trying raw wildflower honey when making your selection. Hopefully, these reasons inspire future customers to try their hand at something new as well.

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