Tasty Uses for Honey That You Should Try

From hive to home, honey plays an integral role in our society. But it has several other delicious uses aside from its usual use as an addition to a cup of tea or as the main drizzle in a good baklava. If you’re looking for more ways to incorporate honey in your daily meals, here are some tasty uses for honey that you should try.

Cut the Strength of Your Drinks

The natural sugars in honey help your body metabolize and burn alcohol a bit more quickly, depending on the amount of alcohol you have in your system. It can also mellow out some stronger drinks such as whiskey while complementing their smoky flavors. The profiles of both the stronger liquors and the honey allow them able to shine without overshadowing the other, assuming the honey isn’t too viscous for the drink. If you’re looking for a curious cocktail concoction to try out, consider mixing in a bit of honey for a new experience.

Honey and Spices

Hot honey is all the rage for the fearless foodies who want a bit of sweetness with their spice. Several complex combinations offer a culinary venture that’s sure to get you hooked. The sweet spiciness of hot honey goes well with several salty meals and snacks, such as chicken wings or pizza. You didn’t misread that—pizza is one of the best means of trying out hot honey for yourself! This is because cheese and meats such as pepperoni stand out from the sugary syrup. Consider putting aside the hot sauce and ranch in favor of a quick bite of pizza drizzled with hot honey for a flavor that’s sure to impress you.

Honey Sticks

Honey goes well with a number of foods, but it’s still a beneficial food all on its own. For all the health nuts who enjoy working out, honey is a great carb that provides extra energy later in the day. Adding it to a bowl of oats, fruit, and yogurt creates an amazing, healthy combination that’s great for both immediate and delayed energy for any exercise routine.

The things that honey pairs well with are hard to count. From late-night parties to lunchtime selections, honey adds complexity to your everyday foods. When you consider a few of these tasty uses for honey that you should try, some new, delicious favorites are likely to find their ways onto your plate. Restauranteurs can also consider adding some bulk organic, raw unfiltered honey to their inventory checks to satisfy their customers’ palates.


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