What Are Some Drinks Honey Goes Well With?

The beauty of honey comes in many forms, from the fact that the bees that make it help the environment to the fact that it’s a sugar alternative with healthy nutrients. But when it comes to enjoying honey, there are several good ideas you may not have thought of. These are examples of some drinks that honey goes well with for you to enjoy.


Tea is typically a bitter beverage that naturally needs some sweetness. Black tea is specifically very bitter, and it’s common to mix in some milk and honey to help balance it out without diluting the tea’s flavor. If you enjoy a more herbal delight, then adding honey to some tea is the best drink.

Lemon Water

Lemon water is a perfectly refreshing beverage served over ice in the summer. Sweetening it up with a touch of honey helps highlight the lemon’s flavor while maintaining its refreshing and relatively healthy nature. This is an excellent way to start your day and give yourself a bit of energy for later.

Warm Milk

One of the classic and soothing combinations is milk and honey. It’s a match made in heaven. The creaminess of a glass of warm milk makes it taste almost like a dessert when you mix in a spoonful or two of honey. This is perfect on those restless nights when you’re looking for something to lull you to sleep.


Alcohol is a bit unusual to have with honey, save for in the popular bee’s knees cocktail drink. However, honey’s sweetness highlights the smokiness of a strong glass of whiskey. This tipsy pair gets smoother with every sip when served on the rocks.

The simplicity of honey aids in its success in enhancing plenty of foods and drinks that it touches. With so many flavorful couplings, it’s no wonder that several food and drink establishments order raw honey in bulk. By considering some of the drinks that honey goes well with, you can easily find a new favorite for regulars of any establishment.

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