The 5 Largest Honey-Producing Countries in the World

February 6, 2023by Jennifer Touchette

Honey is a delicious ingredient many of us have the privilege of enjoying, so we might not give much thought to the places where our honey originates. When we know where our honey comes from, we can better appreciate it. That is why you might find it interesting to learn about the largest honey-producing countries in the world.

New Zealand

New Zealand is the country with the highest dollar value of honey exports in 2021, capping at $327 million US dollars—nearly 12 percent of all natural honey distributed! The high dollar value of honey exports from New Zealand is likely because this country is the sole distributor of Manuka honey.


Did you know that China makes about 500,000 tons of honey per year? It might surprise you to know that is a quarter of global honey output, making China one of the largest honey-producing countries in the world. In 2021, China exported $230 million US dollars worth of natural honey.

Much of the honey from China is exported to Europe, not the United States. GloryBee does not buy honey from China to avoid any adulteration concerns.


When you think of Argentina, the first thing that comes to mind is likely wine. However, Argentina produces massive amounts of honey annually. Argentina exported 75,000 tons of honey in 2021. Another reason people love honey from Argentina is because of its high quality.

Whether you are a baker or a grocery store owner, you understand the value of a high-quality ingredient and the difference it can make. Are you looking for bulk organic honey? At Honey Source, we pride ourselves on supplying you with high-grade honey with consistent flavor profiles and no quality issues.


India is not only home to amazing spices and delicious teas. It is also a place that produces considerable amounts of honey. There are around 35,000 beekeepers in Punjab, the state in India with the highest honey output. Punjab takes up nearly 39 percent of honey production in all of India.


Brazil was the most significant honey trading partner for the United States in 2019, exporting around $54 million US dollars worth of the viscous substance. It will not be surprising to know that Brazil amassed $160 million in exports of organic honey in 2021.

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