GloryBee President Appointed First Handler Board Member to National Honey Board

January 30, 2023by Jennifer Touchette

GloryBee is pleased to announce that its President and Beekeeper, Alan Turanski, has been appointed First Handler for the National Honey Board. Turanski’s new term lasts three years and is effective immediately. Turanski joins other industry representatives in the importer, producer, and marketing areas of the honey industry to complete the board.

“I am looking forward to supporting and advancing work to promote and educate people about nature’s purest sweetener,” said Turanski. “I see my role as advocating for the health of the bees, our pollinators, the pure honey they produce and those who care for them – the beekeepers. Growing up in a beekeeping family has greatly influenced my admiration for the magic of bees and honey. Beekeepers and our pollinators are a critical component of our overall agricultural system in the US. As the Handler representative I have a deep passion for ensuring we continue to support efforts that protect and promote honey as nature’s premier sweetener.” 

The 20-member National Honey Board is comprised of three first handler representatives, three importer representatives, three producer representatives, one marketing cooperative representative and their alternates.

According to the USDA, Congress has authorized industry-funded research and promotion boards, such as the National Honey Board, to provide a framework for agricultural industries to pool resources and combine efforts to develop new markets, strengthen existing markets, and conduct important research and promotion activities. The National Honey Board began in the mid-1980s.

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