The Versatility of Honey in Sweet & Savory Dishes

Every glaze, dressing, or syrup you’ve tried in a dish always tasted just right. While sitting at your table in a restaurant, it felt like a match made in heaven. A wave of calm runs over you, it feels like the rush of water enveloping you in a hug after diving off a cliff, and you feel like the only person in the room with your dish. That is what it always feels like to enjoy the versatility of honey in sweet and savory dishes. Let’s look at some of the incredible things honey does to make us fall in love with our meals.

Honey Balances Dishes

Honey is naturally sweet and the best ingredient to balance out a meal. It decreases the sourness of things like pickled foods and coffee. Everyone craves that balance in their food, and honey creates the perfect harmony. Honey is that one ingredient you think of when asking yourself what a recipe is missing. It livens up the flavor profile of tangy dishes that desire more sweetness.

A Great Substitute for Granulated Sugar

Granulated sugar is a good sweetener, but honey is better because it’s natural. It comes straight from the hive, unaltered and unrefined if you prefer. You could use honey in almost any dish, especially baking! When preparing baked goods, dressings, or marinades, you can swap in honey if the recipe calls for granulated sugar. You only need to reduce each added cup of honey by 1/4 to control the sweetness profile and not overwhelm the sweetness-to-savory ratio.

Pairs Well With Tanginess for Sauces, Glazes, and Dressings

Savory dressing, glaze, sauce, and marinade lovers unite for an adventure of a lifetime! Honey is the best-tasting addition to any vinegarette or glaze. This natural sweetener balances the tangy flavor of spices, herbs, and citrus fruits.

Suppose you, as a restaurant owner, make a Dijon vinegarette; only using lemon juice could upset a diner enjoying their salad. Lemon is very sour, so you can add honey to tame the taste. Honey retains lemon juice’s flavor slightly to balance the sharp taste. By adding just a dollop, your dishes will improve.

The Best Ingredient for Alcoholic Beverages

The profile of a whiskey made with natural honey instead of granulated sugar or other sweeteners tastes better going down. A drink with honey doesn’t leave you puckering your lips and contemplating whether you have the right beverage. Honey pairs well with cocktails, whiskey, and tequila, so you can enjoy a well-balanced drink without your stomach churning from artificial sweeteners.

One of the great things about honey is that it has versatility in sweet and savory dishes and drinks. Enhance your dish with honey from Honey Source. Our bulk organic honey comes straight from the hive to your pantry. Enhance your recipes with honey, the preferred substitute for any sweet or savory ingredient in your dish.

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