Ways To Include Honey in Popular Comfort Foods

As the summer is in full swing, the time to relax and enjoy the weather is now. For those with a sweet tooth and the willingness to try out some classic meals and snacks, it’s worth adding a bit of honey to some of your favorites. These are some ways to include honey in popular comfort foods that are worth considering this summer season.

Honey Drizzled Chicken & Waffles

This combination is one of all-time favorite classics that has remained popular for a reason. Chicken and waffles is the perfect combination of sweet and savory, sure to get you addicted on the first bite. While many people opt for maple syrup with this timeless meal, consider a drizzle of honey next time to complement the saltiness of the fried chicken.

Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich

Sometimes, it’s good to have a bit of spice within the sweetness, and hot honey is just the addition to try out for your next lunchtime meal. Hot honey is great for adding a touch of sweetness to a deliciously spicy chicken sandwich. Cutting the amalgam of flavors with some acidic pickles keeps this sandwich fresh and tasty the whole way through.

Lemon-Honey Bars

Lemon squares are a great way to end any backyard barbeque. While dried oranges and lemons used to be an old dessert enjoyed in ancient Egypt, this tangy and sweet treat leaves no doubt why it worked so well. The tangy citrus flavor of the lemon with the sweet pairing of honey creates a delectable pastry that is gone in the blink of an eye.

Honey is an amazing ingredient that makes home-cooked meals memorable and delicious. However, businesses in the market for bulk honey are just as likely to take advantage by selling it to restaurants for their summer menus. Regardless of the origins, these ways to include honey in popular comfort foods are hopefully put to good use this season.

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