What Is the Environmental Impact of Honey Production?

March 2, 2023by Leigh Zacrep

We’re all too familiar with the damaging effects that global warming is having on our local ecosystems. It seems we are on a constant alert as to the next animal or ecosystem that is suffering a slow demise at the hands of pollution and rising temperatures.

While these issues hurt many animals, one species, in particular, has more of our attention: the bees. Bees are incredibly important to humanity’s ability to live and nourish ourselves. As such, it’s normal to wonder, what is the environmental impact of honey production?

Conservation or Hobby?

When we hear about the massive number of bees dying and the growing issue of colony collapse, many might wonder how they can help. Some turn to beekeeping to support the bees.

However, the problem with beekeeping is that it’s not necessarily a conservation practice as much as it is a hobby. The reason this act doesn’t help the environment is that many people will keep honey bees, which aren’t the demographic at risk. Native bees are the ones in need of our help.

Honey Production

Now that we have established that native bees are the ones that require our attention, you might find yourself wondering, what is the environmental impact of honey production? Well, the answer to that depends on the type of bees that are producing the honey. If it comes from bees that aren’t native to the local ecosystem, honey production can negatively affect the local environment. On the other hand, if the honey comes from local bees, then it does wonders in positively impacting the environment.

Choosing Sustainable Producers

If you want to make a positive impact but need honey for your restaurant, choosing sustainable producers is important. At Honey Source, it’s our mission to see a world where bees can thrive and grow in their natural habitats. That’s why we are a company you can trust to provide you with high-quality, organic honey in bulk. We produce and harvest our honey following the best sustainable practices to ensure our bees remain healthy and happy.

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