Which of the Food Groups Does Honey Belong To?

October 28, 2022by Jennifer Touchette

It’s funny to think that it is not considered syrup despite honey’s consistency. The difference lies in the process and source of the food. While honey comes from the nectar of flowers and the bees which process it, syrup typically comes from the sap of maple trees. Among those strange distinctions, some people wonder which of the food groups honey belongs to. Here are a few interesting facts to help you understand.

Honey as a Carbohydrate

Honey is classified as a carbohydrate based on its composition. Sugar and honey are similar in that they comprise both fructose and glucose. When the nectar of flowers is gathered and left to be processed by the bees, it slowly changes its pH and is later broken down into simple sugars. While the properties and nutrients are different from base sugar, the composition of honey is highly similar and classified as such.

What Carbohydrates Do

Carbs are beneficial to the body when consumed because they can break down very quickly. This allows the body to use the energy they provide in a short period. However, this also increases blood sugar levels and is best considered before consuming any. Many people opt to use honey as a delayed energy boost when exercising.

The Function of Carbohydrates

Carbs are an excellent energy source, but there are other roles it manages to fulfill simultaneously. Sugars can also be stored when the body has enough energy to use. The body stores these sugars, also known as glycogen, as a backup energy supply when needed. There are other finer functions that it performs in the body. However, it is best to consume carbs in a controlled manner to avoid issues due to their overabundance.

Honey is an interesting substance that is worth looking into. While it is similar to sugar in terms of what it provides your body, there are still additional vitamins and nutrients that are not typically found in standard sugar. When wondering which of the food groups honey belongs to, it’s worth remembering a few of these helpful facts the next time you’re looking for bulk raw honey to buy.

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