5 Ways Chefs Use Honey To Spice Up Their Creations

November 4, 2021by Jennifer Touchette

While sweet, honey is useful for adding much more to a recipe than just sweet flavors. Chefs worldwide use honey in their favorite recipes because there are so many different ways this syrup can elevate their dishes. Want to learn more? Check out these creative ways chefs use honey to spice up their creations!

Add Moisture

Apart from honey’s sweetness, its moist and sticky texture is a significant benefit that chefs use to their advantage. Since honey is so moist, it’s the perfect fix for recipes and dishes that lack hydration. Adding even small measurements of raw, unfiltered honey will add intense moisture and sweetness to any recipe.

Contrast the Sweet With the Savory

Some customers may have a sweet tooth, while others prefer to stick to savory flavors, so why not serve a sweet and savory combination? When you mix it with savory foods, such as meats or bread, honey can add a perfect balance of sweet undertones.

One way chefs use honey to spice up their creations is by creating a honey glaze to coat the top of their savory dishes. Thin yet potently sweet honey glazes are ideal for boosting flavor without making it overpowering.

Bring Out the Inner Spice

Most people won’t immediately associate sweet flavors with spice; however, this combination can make an ordinary dish extraordinary. When you add honey to spicy sauces, meats, and other foods, the sweet hint of sugar will make a meal’s spiciness even more pronounced. Sweetness serves as the perfect balance and undercurrent to the sharp and potent taste of hot spices. If you haven’t already done so, consider experimenting with a spicy honey combination meal.

Pair It With Cheese

Although it may be hard to imagine a cheese and honey combination in your restaurant or café meals, this combo is a surefire way to create a gourmet dish. The nutty flavor of sharper cheeses blended with honey makes for a mouth-wateringly delicious taste. Consider reviewing your menu to locate different cheese dishes that you might amplify by adding a honey drizzle.

Make Desserts More Decadent

There’s no reason to reserve sweet flavors when it comes to dessert. In fact, more is more when it comes to crafting decadent desserts for your restaurant or café. So if you’re searching for a way to spice up your current dessert menu, consider adding honey to some of your crowd-favorite dishes. Even small drizzles of this syrup add an intensely sweet flavor to your cakes, brownies, and ice cream.

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