Important Questions To Ask Your Raw Honey Wholesaler

October 27, 2021by Leigh Zacrep

One of the biggest mistakes business owners can make when buying bulk honey is assuming that all honey is universally the same. On the contrary, almost every container of honey you come across can be somewhat different.

Depending on the variety of honey, the hive’s location, the honey extraction method used by beekeepers, and the pasteurization and packaging processes, the taste of honey products can be significantly different across seasons. Thankfully GloryBee has a team of experts to blend honey to meet your exact specifications.

In order to maintain top-quality taste and effectiveness, business owners must ask wholesale honey suppliers questions about their bulk products. In this blog, we’ll share the most important questions to ask your raw honey wholesaler.

Do You Pasteurize Your Honey?

Some businesses use raw, unfiltered honey, but fewer business owners know what this description actually means. Raw, unfiltered honey describes honey that did not undergo a pasteurization and/or minimal filtration process.

Raw honey can be harder to work with on an industrial scale, so many businesses prefer to use pasteurized honey to speed the production process. Honey manufacturers will heat honey through a pasteurization process and filter the honey to remove forgiven substances to create a conventional honey. The pasteurization and filtration process can affect several different qualities of your business’s honey, including taste and consistency.

For example, the heat used during pasteurization can change the composition of the honey. Therefore, before purchasing honey in bulk, be sure to ask about the filtration method your wholesale supplier uses and what kind of products will you be producing with honey?

What Honey Varieties Do You Sell?

Before your company invests in honey, it’s essential to know what type of honey your business needs. There are many different varietals of honey, and all have specific flavor palates and use cases . The species of plants and flowers near a beehive can affect your the consistency and flavor of your honey

For example, clover honey is a popular honey variety that food and beverage businesses use. The clover essence in this honey variety makes it sweet and floral tasting. Other honey varieties are better suited for baking, beverages, dairy, bars and more. Review the different types of honey and consider asking your wholesaler supplier about these options.

Is Your Honey Organic?

Unfiltered, raw honey is often mistaken for being inherently organic. However, just because a supplier sells unfiltered honey, this does not guarantee it is also organic. In order to be sure that your company’s bulk honey order is organic, it’s essential to ask your wholesale supplier for their confirmation of their honey being USDA Organic. It’s also important to remember that you can heat and filter organic honey to make it more usable for your needs and GloryBee can help in this area.

Don’t invest in bulk honey without feeling confident about its taste and quality. Review this list of important questions to ask your raw honey wholesaler and ensure that you’re getting the best product for your customers.

Need a wholesale honey supplier? GloryBee is a bulk organic raw, unfiltered honey supplier that will answer any of your quality questions. We give businesses a transparent overview of our honey collection and selling process so that you can find the best product for your customers. Check out our website to learn more about Honey Source.

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