Use Honey Instead of These 5 Other Ingredients

January 24, 2023by Jennifer Touchette

If you solely use honey to sweeten your coffee or tea, then you’re in for a world of surprises, as honey is a phenomenal substitute or addition to so many dishes. This sweet, viscous fluid has countless uses, and the best part is that it can never spoil. That’s why honey should be a staple in the kitchen of families across the country, as you can always rely on it. Find out more about the ways you can use honey instead of these other ingredients.


When we bake, we first get the flour, baking soda, and sugar, as these are essentials. However, honey works as a great substitute for white or brown sugar in many recipes. It may seem odd as honey is a liquid, so you might be wondering about the conversion rate. Honey is much sweeter than sugar, so for every cup of sugar your recipe asks for, you should use half or two-thirds a cup of honey.


Molasses isn’t as common an ingredient in many recipes, but it’s a staple in recipes like baked beans as it adds that intense, robust flavor. Due to this, it might seem surprising that you can use honey as a substitute for molasses, as honey tends to have lighter notes. That’s why you should use darker honey, as they have that intense flavor you’re looking for.


Sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a warm cup of milk sweetened with a little bit of chocolate. However, if you’re out of chocolate syrup during one of these cravings, you might consider using honey instead of that ingredient. Drizzle honey into your milk, and you have a new treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.


There’s nothing better than jam on your toast in the morning, is there? Actually, you might have a new and delicious breakfast combination if you consider honey on your toast instead. You won’t believe how delectable it is until you try it!


When making corn, many of us tend to enjoy slathering a generous serving of butter on our corn cob. However, next time you take a bite, you might consider drizzling a little bit of honey on there as an accompaniment. Or you can also enjoy it as a substitute for butter altogether. The honey will help bring out the naturally sweet flavors in your corn.

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