GloryBee Hires First Ever R&D Manager

January 11, 2023by Jennifer Touchette

GloryBee, in the business of honey and premium ingredients since 1975, is investing in added technical services for clients by strengthening its Research and Development Department. The recent hire of its first-ever Research and Development Manager, Joe Minarsich, provides GloryBee with next-level innovation capabilities for real-world food application development as well as advanced technical abilities to offer commercial customers. 

“Food science unlocks possibilities,”  said Alan Turanski, President and Beekeeper at GloryBee.  “We work closely with a variety of our food and beverage clients on developing new products, refining recipes and resolving technical challenges that achieve their business goals. Having the insights and expertise of Joey on board, will elevate that expertise to a new level of service.”

Mr. Minarsich brings both the academic food science experience, as well as practical experience and passion for food through his ownership of restaurants and in food service. His work at Oregon Freeze Dry and Meduri Farms put into practice his expertise in product development and working closely with clients to develop and bring new products to market. Mr. Minarsich has also managed teams of development scientists and process engineers in his responsibilities managing R&D plant testing protocols for Oregon Freeze Dry and BioPharma.

“My interest in food and ingredients started when I was working in restaurants at a young age,”  commented Minarsich.  “I find it inspiring and challenging to work with a variety of ingredients to help customers achieve specific goals. I love solving problems, and my degree in food science, along with my culinary background, allows me to combine creativity with a technical perspective.”

“Clients don’t often understand the complexities and nuances of honey,”  said Turanski. “At GloryBee, we are experts in honey, so we understand its benefits and how it can be leveraged for both sweetness and shelf sustainability or binding, but we also work with a number of different liquid sweeteners, oils and spices. Joey’s knowledge of ingredients combined with our in-house expertise with honey will undoubtedly further benefit our customers.” 

Mr. Minarsich will continue to build out GloryBee’s Research and Development Department to offer customers technical services including customized technical and application development, product concept and innovation, sensory analysis and implementation and regulatory compliance support. Mr. Minarsich received a Master of Science in Food Science and Technology from Oregon State University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance from New Mexico State.

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