Why Honey Is a Versatile Beverage Ingredient

October 12, 2021by Jennifer Touchette

Most businesses recognize honey for its sweet and mouthwatering taste. While the flavor of this ingredient is delicious, honey also has several key benefits when it’s included in beverages and entrees. To learn more about why honey is a versatile beverage ingredient, continue reading our blog below.

It’s a Natural Sweetener

Since honey is a natural sweetener, businesses can use this flavor to the advantage of their beverage formulas. Customers crave sweet beverage options to sip on without the guilt of drinking high amounts of added sugars.

When businesses opt for using raw honey as the sugar source of their beverages, this ingredient can blend the best of both worlds. Honey-based drinks taste delicious and provide plenty of natural health benefits to customers.

It’s a Health-Conscious Ingredient

Apart from its ability to naturally make most drinks sweet, honey also has an abundance of health benefits that can make beverages naturally healthier.

Cafes, restaurants, and other companies striving to expand their menus with more health-conscious options should consider adding this simple yet key ingredient to their kitchen.

It’s a Highly Functional Beverage Ingredient

If you’re concerned that adding honey as a healthy alternative in your recipes will disrupt the taste of your beverages, have no fear. One of the reasons why honey is such a versatile beverage ingredient is because it blends well with almost any recipe.

Honey can be used as a natural emulsifier to better make your products shelf stable. Bulk honey can be used to balanced sour, spicy, or bitter flavors in any drink without being a dominant flavor.

It’s a Sustainable Ingredient

More and more customers have become conscious of how their daily habits and lifestyle adds to their carbon footprint. So, when companies market raw, unfiltered honey as an option on their menus, customers are drawn to the sustainability of this ingredient.

Buying honey supports the profession of beekeeping, which is critical to our environment. When customers opt for honey in their smoothie, coffee, or tea, this minor ingredient helps them feel involved in your business’s support of honey production.

Although honey may seem like an insignificant ingredient to some companies, this powerful ingredient can make a massive difference in any café, restaurant, or food market menu. Honey will add naturally sweet taste, texture, sustainability, and health benefits to any beverage formula.

If your business is ready to add honey to its offerings, GloryBee is happy to help provide a variety of pure, raw, and bulk organic honey for sale.

We’ll source high-quality honey for your company so that your business can serve this sweet ingredient to customers. For more information on our honey and services, request a quote here.

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